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SMALL BOOKCASE-perfect size for a child's room, or along side your favorite chair. $11.45

OFFICE BOOKCASE-holds 6-7 shelves easily. Great addition to the office or den. $14.45

ULTIMATE BOOKCASE-this one has everything. Double wide, with file drawers, and storage area. You could even make it into an entertainment center. Perfect for the office or den. $18.45

BOOK ENDS W/PEN SET-These are fun projects. Build with wood, or add corion. Add your own unique style. Great project to make with the kids. $9.45


CD CABINET-do you or your teenagers have more music cd's than you know what to do with? Here you go. This cabinet will hold over 500 cd's. Perfect for the den or teenager's room. $9.45.

CEDAR CHEST-Protect your treasured heirlooms in a beautiful cedar lined chest. $16.45

END TABLE-This is a beautiful table that could be used anywhere.  Finished on all 4 sides, with a drawer and storage area.  $16.45

MICROWAVE STAND-tired of the microwave taking up valuable counter space.  This stand is the perfect solution.  It has a laminate top for easy clean up, and plenty of room for storage below.  $14.45

UP JOHN CABINET-this is a very versatile storage cabinet.  It is a great size for any room.  Can be used in the bathroom, laundry room, anywhere you need extra storage.  $14.45

PANTRY CABINET-the size of this piece makes it useful for almost anything.  It would be a great addition to the bedroom for linens, kitchen as a pantry, den.  Possibilities are endless.  $16.45

STORAGE BOX-treasure box.  Start a keepsake box  for your child.  Nice size to store about anything.  $14.45

CURIO CABINET-this is a beautiful piece of furniture for displaying your collectables.   It has glass front and sides, adjustable glass shelves, and a display light.  $16.45


MAGAZINE RACK- wall mounted magazine rack will also hold the large size magazines.  $11.45

PRINTER STAND-this stand is perfect for the printer, fax machine, or copy machine.  Has storage below.  Matches the Office Desk below.  $14.45

OFFICE DESK-the perfect desk for any office.  Drawers for storage, files, and shelf under desk.  Option for pencil drawer or keyboard tray.  $14.45

CORNER COMPUTER DESK-make use of that wasted corner space. Order desk print, and receive printer stand print FREE. $15.45

CORNER COMPUTER DESK W/STORAGE-corner desk with file drawers for storage. Order desk print, and receive printer stand print FREE. $18.45

PRINTER STAND-this printer stand is open on the front and back for plenty of ventilation.  It has an adjustable shelf to allow for any type of printer, scanner, fax machine, etc. Can be purchased separately or is free with either of the corner computer desks above.   $9.45

MONITOR STAND-Nice addition to any office.  Lifts that monitor up where you can see it, and helps with the neck strain.  Drawers for storing floppy's, or odds and ends.  $11.45

DISC STORAGE CABINET-this is a wall mounted unit.  Plan comes with option for doors.  Works great in an office or in the den to store cd's.  Very attractive piece.  $14.45

DISC STORAGE CABINET-has 4 drawers to hold disc's or anything else you would like.  Could be used in the office or a den.  $13.45

STUDENT/KITCHEN DESK-this is a very good size desk, if you are limited on space.  It has a nice size work area on top, with plenty of drawers.  Works great for a student size desk also.  $16.45


PLANTER BOX- will hold a 10" pot.  Can be used inside or out.  Nice accent piece.  $9.45

MOUNTED PLANTER BOX-add color and beauty to the deck, house, or even the barn.  Easy to build.  $9.45

VCR STAND-holds the vcr in a well ventilated stand.  Fast, easy, great project for beginners.  $11.45

WALL MOUNTED SHELF-easy shelf to build.  Good project for beginners.  Great for holding knick knacks, pictures, etc.   $11.45

COAT RACK-quick, easy to build coat rack. Every home should have one. $9.45

PHONE TABLE-this small table is a good size to use anywhere for anything.  Easy to build.  $13.45

PHONE STAND-this wall mounted works great for the shop or anywhere you have a wall mounted phone.  Perfect by a time clock.  Storage for pencils, papers, phone books etc.  Nice sized top for writing.  $11.45

BIRD HOUSES-set of 4 different plans.  Great project to build with the kids.  Can be used inside or out.    $12.45

HALLWAY STAND-this is a perfect sized stand to use anywhere.  Use it to set a plant, stereo speakers, table lamp, etc.  Easy to build.  $13.45

SPICE RACK-has three shelves to hold your spices.  Mount onto the wall or on the inside of a pantry cabinet.  Easy to build.  $9.45

FOOT STOOLS-set of 2 Shaker Style stools.  These are useful anywhere in the home.  They have a shelf below seat.  Great beginner project.  $12.45

FOOT STOOL W/PAD-has optional padded seat.  Perfect to use with your favorite chair.  Good project for beginners.  $11.45

WINDOW MIRROR-add a touch of Country to any room in the house.  This mirror can take on any look you want.  Has planter box and optional towel bar.  $11.45

CORNER SHELF-add some character to any room with a corner shelf. This is an easy project. Very easy to add your own touch. $11.45

HALL TREE-a place to hang your coats and hats.  A peg for everyone in the house.  Use in the foyer, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, even the garage.  $13.45

ROUND COAT RACK-Unique, different style coat rack.  Works great if you are limited for space.  Great piece to show off your woodworking skills.  $11.45

SPEAKER STAND-unique styled stand.  Works well for sitting your stereo speakers.  Would work as a plant stand, a lamp stand, etc.   $11.45

QUILT RACK-wall mounted quilt rack to display your treasured heirlooms.  Shelf to display knick knacks.  $13.45

WALL MIRROR-this plan comes with prints for 2 different style of mirrors.  Mirrors are a nice addition to any room in the house.  $10.45

DAY BED- this is a unique piece of furniture for any room.  Really an eye catcher.  $16.45


DEACON BENCH-with storage for all their treasures.  Great addition for your child's room.  Would be a perfect "Time Out Seat".   $14.45

CHILD'S DESK AND CHAIR-Children love things their own size.  Desk has drawers to store their pencils, crayons, coloring books, etc.  Nice sized top for coloring or reading.  $16.45

CHILD'S TABLE AND CHAIRS-imagine the fun your children could have with this project.  Plans come with option for laminate top.  Great for tea parties, coloring, games, puzzles, etc.  $14.45


ROLL AWAY WORK STATION-a must for every woodworker shop.  A place to fasten small shop tools.  Lots of drawers for storage.  On heavy duty rollers so it will move anywhere you like.  $16.45

NAIL OR SCREW BIN-Easy to build, and a must have for any shop.  $11.45

BOOK SHELF-Great way to keep your woodworking books, tool manuals, etc. organized.  Easy to build.  $9.45

SEAT W/STORAGE-seat w/storage below for woodworking tools, gardening tools, etc.  $11.45

WORK STAND-Perfect height to mount small power tools.  Also works well for assembling projects.  $13.45


DOLL CRIB/CRADLE-can be built as a crib.  Plans also include pattern and instructions to add the rocker for a cradle.  For 18 - 22" baby dolls.  $13.45

DOLL BED-old fashioned doll bed for 18-22" dolls.  Great for the American Girl sized doll.  $13.45

DOLL BENCH/DAY BED-unique way to display any collectable doll or bear.  For 18-22" dolls.  $13.45

DOLL BUNK BED-your child would love this bunk bed and ladder set.  For 18-22" dolls.  $13.45

DOLL HALL TREE-this is a unique addition to your doll furniture.  Great way to display doll clothes.  This will go with and compliment any of the pieces above.  $10.45


JEWELRY BOX- Great gift idea.  Could be used for men or women.  $11.45

THREAD HOLDER-this is a must for anyone that sews.  Keeps all your thread at your fingertips.  Mounts onto the wall for easy access.  $11.45

SEWING/CRAFT TABLE-sturdy, large work surface at a height that won't give you a backache.  Works great for laying out patterns, for craft projects, scrapbooking, etc.  $13.45

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